Portable Classroom


As a former educator, our CEO has experienced first hand the challenges surrounding changing school populations and the need for flexible, affordable space solutions. We are excited to introduce our newest division, Double Diamond Modular Classrooms, providing educators with the same high-quality standards and specifications that our corporate clients have come to expect.

Double Diamond has been building modular structures for major corporate clients in Western Canada for over eight years. Our clients keep coming back to us because, quite simply, nobody builds better than we do. Our unique building approach, high quality materials, and careful attention to detail means that our structures are built to last in some of the toughest environments in Canada.


We offer:

  • $97,500 per classroom * (includes heating and air conditioning)
  • 6 weeks or less from the start of construction to students inside and learning
  • Financing as low as 3.9%
  • Rental options available
  • Variety of trim colour options
  • A full service firm from design to construction to installation
  • Standard plans or the ability to customize to your needs
  • Classrooms are constructed off-site and only require five days of installation once delivered

* Standard 24’x40’ classroom plus 10’ hallway. Transportation, installation and taxes are extra.


It’s not always easy to plan for the next school year. A sudden increase or decrease in enrolment, a change to class size restrictions, or an emergency situation can appear that makes managing effective education space difficult. Modular classrooms offer an easy, flexible solution to space problems.

  • School boards can purchase any number of classrooms required, including single units.
  • Our classrooms are designed to be added onto in the future, or a classroom complex can be separated into individual units and relocated to another school should this be required.

We have two standard classroom plans available. If you have alternate designs to better meet your school division’s needs we have an in-house draftsman on staff who will work with you to customize your design to your specifications.


A standard, single classroom can be operational within six weeks from the start of construction. Special application or multi-unit complexes may take longer. Our drafting and design team will work with your school board to meet your needs exactly.

Our full-service shop employs professionals from every aspect of the business. This means that you deal with only one company, every step of the way. Our professionals are on hand to answer questions, get your design back to you in a matter of days rather than weeks, communicate with you throughout your project, and follow up after your project is complete.


Safety, Quality, and Service are Double Diamond’s top priorities. Double Diamond is COR certified meaning we adhere to very stringent safety standards both during our build and installation processes. Double Diamond prides itself in providing quality buildings on time at the price quoted. Our full-time installation team ensures that, should a problem arise, we are there to address it quickly and efficiently.

As an experienced modular builder, we have built for some of the toughest environments around. You can find Double Diamond buildings in Black Lake SK, at potash mines, and in the oil sands. We know how to build it right, avoiding expensive replacements down the road.

  • 2×6 walls
  • Walls are insulated to R20 while floor and roof assemblies are R32 to save on classroom heating.
  • We install 3/8” OSB behind drywall, adding extra durability.
  • We like bright spaces and therefore install extra lighting as standard on all our modules; our clients often comment on how bright and clean a Double Diamond structure feels.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.45.47 PM


Modular buildings today are bright, comfortable, and durable. All of our standard classrooms include:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Countertops
  • Lockable storage
  • Storage shelving
  • Cat 5 data terminals
  • Standard electrical with allowances for
  • Smart Boards or projectors
  • Extra lighting to create a brighter space
  • Attractive, modern interior design and finishing

We are excited to be offering our product to the Education sector! Take advantage of this special introductory pricing for our newest division and save precious education dollars. Contact us at 306-664-4466 today to discuss your needs.